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UNI-Yarn Regular 2 strands 26 colours

UNI-Yarn is a standard, 2-strand, twisted, acrylic fly tying yarn, spooled instead of carded for convenience and to reduce wastage. UNI-Yarn comes in twenty-six colours: Black, Black/Camel,Burnt Orange, Brown, Bronze, Cream, Gold, Olive Green, Grey, Insect Green, Kelly Green, Khaki, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Light Yellow, Magenta, Olive, Orange, Purple, Pale Yellow, Red, Salmon, Sand, Sun Yellow, White, Wine. It is also available in Combo Pack of 20 spools.

UNI-Yarn Fluorescent 2 plies 6 colors

UNI-Yarn (fluorescent) is the same material as UNI-Yarn but with the extra brilliance of fluorescent treatment. While useful in many applications, it is ideal for the fluorescent butts called for on many Atlantic salmon fly patterns. The Fluo-Yarn is available in six popular colors and may also be purchased in a combination package 20 spools of mixed colors (Chartreuse, Chinese Red, Green Highlander, Light Pink, Orange,Yellow).

UNI-Mohair 27 colours

When the fellow at the fly shop says, « they’re killing the big ‘bows on fuchsia leech », you will be ready if you have a supply of UNI-Mohair. This spooled, long fibre, mohair yarn comes in twenty-eight colors (including fuchsia) !. Make sure you are prepared by picking up the combination package containing twenty spools. Available colours are: Black, Brown, Charcoal, Cream, Gold, Green Highlander, Grey, Dark Brown, Kelly Green, Dark Olive, Light Grey, Maroon, Olive, Orange, Purple, Red, Rusty Brown, White, Wine, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange, the new for 2008 Beige, Light Cahill and Fuchsia, the new for 2013 Light Blue and Golden Brown and the new 2019 Tan.

UNI-Mohair 1 ply 6 colors

We are happy to introduce the new UNI-Mohair 1- Ply. A perfect size for small-body flies, it has long fibres and is available in six natural colors — Black, Burnt Orange, Brown, Gold, Dark Olive and Red. Making realistic dubbed bodies in a single step, or combing out a few fibres at the back to simulate a trailing shuck, are just two of the many possible uses. In addition to regular single-color packaging, UNI-Mohair 1- Ply is available in a combo package of 20 spools.