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3/0 Kevlar

3/0 Kevlar is a very strong thread for materials which require considerable force to attach to the hook. The continuous filaments lie flat on the hook. 3/0 Kevlar comes in a single natural colour with 50 yards on a spool.

UNI-Mono, two sizes.

UNI-Mono is a translucent monofilament thread ideal for salt water flies. It is a fine, supple, monofilament with 200 yards on a spool, fine and clear, .004" ( .10 mm.). It is also available in a medium clear, .007" ( .18 mm.) size on spool of 100 yds.

1/0 Neon Fluo. 6 colors.

1/0 Neon Fluorescent thread is a 2-ply, twisted polyester thread. It comes in six very bright colours and makes beautiful coloured heads. Spools contain 50 yards of unwaxed thread and come individually or in a combination package – twenty spools. Colours are: Burnt Orange, Chartreuse, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow.

“A” Nylon twisted 3 plies, 11 colors

« A » Nylon is a traditional winding thread for making rods or tying jigs. Both 50 and 100-yard spools are available in eleven colours. The availability of a number of bright colours permits the rod builder to express his creativity. Available colours are: Black, Brown, Green, Gray, Dark Brown, Orange, Pink, Red, Tan, White, Yellow.

2/0 Poly

It is a 2-ply, twisted, unwaxed thread for larger flies. It is available in twelve colours and in 50 yards spools. Available colours are: Black, Egg Shell, Green, Gray, Dark Brown, Olive, Orange, Royal Blue, Red, Tan, Wine, White,Yellow.

UNI-Cord, 50, 75 & 100 denier, 50 yds. GSP

UNI-Cord (7/0, 8/0 and 12/0) is an extremely strong ( for the same diameter it is twice as strong as Kevlar) fly-tying thread manufactured of continuous fibers of gel-spun polyethylene (GSP). It is considerably more expensive than other threads and so is reserved for unusual situations where a fine but very strong thread is required. UNI-Cord comes on 50-yard spools and in seven colours: Black, Bright Green, Fluo.Green, Olive, Red, Yellow and White. It is also available in combo pack of 20 spools You asked for the return of UNI-Cord 12/0, 50 denier to our lineup ? I am happy to announce it is now available. The UNI-Cord 12/0 comes in six colors (Black, White, Red, Yellow, Olive and Fluorescent Green) and is available as part of a 20-spool Combo Pack which includes spools of 7/0 and 8/0 UNI-Cord. The UNI-Cord 12/0 is a top choice of tiers looking for a combination of small size and great strength. At 50 denier and a breaking-strength of four (4) pounds, it will handle the toughest jobs. For example, when dubbed with the split-thread method, it creates almost indestructible bodies.

Editors choice Award from FFA magazine

In 1999 the UNI BigFly Thread got the Editors Choice Award from Fly Fish America magazine. This very strong continuous filaments thread is excellent for bass bugs and bombers, heavy streamers and salt water fly tying.