UNI Products Introduces the UNI Glo line of Phosphorescent Fly-tying Products UNI Products Inc., a world leader in supplying spooled fly-tying materials, announces the introduction of the UNI Glo line of fly-tying products. These revolutionary products offer fly tiers the opportunity to create a wide range of phosphorescent flies. While UNI has previously offered GloTinsel (previously UNI Glo), the company has now added GloFloss and GloThread to the Glo group. The two new products feature brighter and longer-lasting phosphorescence. Advanced injection technology enabled the production of fine filaments with phosphorescent pigments in the core surrounded by the polyester/nylon coating. As is the case for GloYarn, the phosphorescence cannot be worn, washed or even bleached out of the fibers. Phosphorescence and fluorescence are often confused. Phosphorescent materials emit light in total darkness, often for a considerable length of time. Fluorescent materials emit light (in addition to reflecting light like ordinary materials) only in the presence of light. The phosphorescent pigment in UNI Glo products absorbs light from any light source available (a camera flash is a favored source) and releases light or glows in darkness or very low light levels. The glow will last in excess of three hours in total darkness. Lures constructed of, or coated with, phosphorescent materials have been proven effective when night fishing for walleye or bass by North American anglers. However, fly fishers have been slow to incorporate this feature in flies. A lack of suitable materials is the likely explanation. While some Kiwi fly fishers have had considerable success catching trout at night on phosphorescent “flies,” they have been forced to use impregnated plastic bodies. With the introduction of the UNI Glo line, fly tiers now have a group of legitimate fly-tying materials with which to work. Uses for these products are limited only by the fly-tiers imagination. Although the thread is available only in White, the floss is available in White, Light  Blue and Light Green and the GloTinsel is offered in Green, Light Blue, Orange ,Pink, White and Yellow. Attractive tinted bodies are achieved by wrapping GloTinsel over GloThread or GloFloss. Unlike impregnated plastics, these new materials permit tiers to control the amount of phosphorescent material in their flies. All four products are available on spools for ease of tying. Ask for them at your local fly shop.