Wet Fly

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The Silver Black

Recipe Hook size: no:8 to size no-12's Thread: 8/0 UNI Thread Black Tag: UNI Axxel 6 Silver Black flash Tail: Golden Phesant Crest Body: UNI Axxel 6 Silver Black Throat: Black hen Neck Wing: Bear Hair or skunk,,with 1 or 2 strand's of the Silver Black Axxel flash on each side of the wing. Tied by Darryl Tucker

UNI-Forme Orange

Recipe French only Hameçon: Mustad 94840 #10 Fils: UNI-Thread 8/0 Mahogany Corps: AXXEL 6 Orange Ailes: Plume de canard mallard roulé Gorge: Poils de queue de veau jaune Tête: UNI-Thread 8/0 Mahogany Tied by Mouchologue

Warrington Special

Recipe Hook size: No :6's down to no:12's preffered Tag: UNI Axxel 6 Silver Black Butt: UNI-Stretch Green Tail: golden Phesant Crest Body: UNI Axxel 6 Silver Black Wing: Black bear or skunk Collar: 2 turns of chartreuse hen neck. Add 2 strand's of UNI Axxel 6 Peacock on each side of the wing Tied by Darryl Tucker

The UV Straggle Buzzer

Hook: Size 10 Barbless hooks Thread: UNI-Thread 8/0 Pumpkin Body: UNI Axxel 6 glitter thread in orange Thorax: UV Straggle Fritz Varnished head with UV Rock Hard varnish

Fly Propellers

Parure Hameçon: R75-79580#6 Hélice Argent Large Fil: UNI-Thread 8/0 Fire Orange Queue: Plume de Marabou Orange Corps : UNI-Mylar #10 Hol. Orange + une plume palmée Orange et une Noire Tête : UNI-Thread 8/0 Fire Orange Montée par Richard Houle


Parure Hameçon: 9672 #6 Cône : Or + UNI-Soft Wire Small Natural Copper Fil: UNI-Thread 6/0 Black Queue: Fulo-plume noir do à do + quelques lames dde UNI-Mylar #14 Holographic Gold + quelques fibres de UNI-Glo Floss White Corps : Barbes molles libre de plume noire Dos : Deux lames de UNI-Glo #12 White Pattes : UNI-Glo #12 White Montée par Richard Houle